Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some Pictures for You

Here's some oldies but goodies.  In the first pic you see the number 3 Piedmont Airlines Chevrolet.  The driver was Richard Childress.

In the next pic you see the 21 Wood Brothers Ford driven by the Silver Fox, David Pearson.

And here we have the old number 3 Wrangler Chevy driven by Dale Earnhardt.

Check out the 28 Hardees car driven by Cale Yarborough.

The 43 STP car in 1992, during Richard Petty's farewell tour.

One more shot of the old Wrangler #3 of Dale Earnhardt.


  1. Isn't the #28 Hardees actually Alan Kulwicki's ASA car from 1985? It sure looks like it to me, and I still have my Circle Track magazines from back then and Alan's car was shown many times. The front end of that T-Bird is a dead give-a-way clue that it's an ASA car and not a NASCAR racer.

  2. Nope that is Cale's GN car. Just look at the Winston decal on the A-pillar. Alan's ASA car had a Ford dealership on the lower rear quarter where as Cale's has Valvoline.

  3. The orange tape on the grill makes Cale's car look like the ASA version.


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