Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Vote for 2009 Champion

Yep, I'm talking about my boy Dale Earnhardt Jr.  I think he can do it all in 2009.  Think I 'm kidding?  I kid you not.

Dale Jr. has been trying for this chapter in his career all his racing life, and this year, his second with one of the best teams in existence, Hendrick Motorsports, might be his best chance.  Dale Jr. and Tony Eury Jr., cousin and crew chief either have it figured out or they don't.  I'm betting that they do.  I'm guessing that Dale Jr. does what his fans want him to do this season:  Win.  And win big.

Hendrick Motorsports has given Dale and Tony a plan for how to win in 2009.  Between these guys, they can figure out the details.  They've both been racers for too long not to figure it all out by now.  I say, look out for Dale Jr. in 2009.

He's going to win races.  Eventually, he'll win championships.  He's too good to lose.  He's going to do great things in 2009.

I believe it.  I suggest you do too.

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