Friday, February 10, 2012

Ready, Ready, Green Green Green! Go Go Go!

The Budweiser Shootout is almost upon us! I’m all atwitter, trying to figure out my wardrobe. I just don’t know what to wear!

Of course, I’ll probably be watching the first real action of the 2012 NASCAR season from my home, alone, but wardrobe is important for the breaking of the ice, so to speak. Mostly I’m not worried about my clothes, I’m wondering which hat to wear.

I’m jazzed this year. There are a lot of changes in the works. Mark Martin is no longer at Hendrick, but will be sharing a ride with Michael Waltrip in the 55 Toyota. Kasey Kahne will be filling Mark’s old spot in the 5 car, even though he’s still recovering from knee surgery.

Kasey Kahne, I hope, is in for the ride of his life. He’s got the best stuff he’ll probably ever have, and I think the man has the talent to make it work. I’m hoping some young blood at RHR will revitalize the other 3 drivers as well. (Those of you who know me know who I’m really talking about.)

It’s a brand new season. We’re wiping the slate clean. All of our favorite drivers are tied in points right now, and will be until the end of the Daytona 500. This is the best time of the year, anticipating what’s going to happen, talking smack with other racing fans, just getting in the groove for the long haul that will find a champion in November, which is thankfully so many, many months away. NASCAR still has the longest season in sports, and I’m thankful for that. I can only take so much dormancy.

Best of luck to all the drivers, teams, fans, and officials. I hope we don’t have any tragedies this year in the stock car racing world. If you’re going to the races, be careful out there. The fan that get’s run over might be you!

Racing is fun. It’s supposed to be fun. Have a beer or two, but please don’t drive when you’ve had one too many. Let’s keep racing fun, and not add to the morbid side of the sport by being a statistic.

Let’s get ready, ready, ready, Green, green, green, go, go, go!

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