Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Martinsville: Make Sure You Try Out the Hot Dogs

Martinsville is famous for its hotdogs.  Go eat one.  It's pink, but it won't kill you.

I love Martinsville, because it's two drag strips connected by two U turns.  Oh, wait, I'm pretty sure someone else has already said that.  Believe me, it's not easy being original in a world where it seems like everything has been done, said, or written at least once.

I love the short tracks.  I always have.  I love Martinsville, Richmond, Bristol, Dover, Phoenix, and even Darlington, even though Darlington technically doesn't qualify as a short track.  I love the fact that the drivers have to really crank that steering wheel around like they don't do on 1.5 mile tracks.  It's fun, it's awesome, and oh, did I mention the great pink hot dogs?

Expect to see a hot dog wrapper or two on the front grills of some of the race car.  That's a tradition at Martinsville too.  Somehow, some of those pieces of paper end up on the track, and when one gets hung in front of the radiator of a race car, overheating can occur.  It's just part of the game at this wonderful track in southern Virgina.

Martinsville is the oldest, I think, track currently on the NASCAR circuit.  It's a wonderful example of how racing used to be.  I love it, and if you're a NASCAR fan, you should too.

I really don't care who wins this weekend, but I'm very happy that we're racing on one of the greatest tracks in the series this weekend.  I'm going to eat a hot dog in celebration.

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