Monday, October 11, 2010

Things That Make Me Say 'Huh."

There is a show called LA Ink on the TLC channel, which I’ve had the chance to see on and off over the last couple of years.  It’s about a lady named Cat, who does tattoos professionally.  I didn’t know this, but apparently, the latest thing is to get a tattoo on your throat, at least in LA.  Letting someone stick a needle in your throat, marring your skin for life, is apparently the ‘in’ thing now.  At least in LA.

Now, I suppose I’m pretty backward.  I don’t even suppose that anymore, I know it.  It’s not just because I live in SC, which, in this case, doesn’t stand for ‘Southern California,’ but because in my case it means ‘South Carolina.’

I’m not much embarrassed about it.  Even here, in the belt buckle of Baptism, people get tattoos.   I don’t really mind.  I think that most of the people that do get tattoos are idiots, and will one day be sorry they got them, but I don’t mind.

Back when I was young enough to be impressionable enough to even think about getting a tattoo, the only people I ever saw with them were old Navy veterans who had basically an ink spot on their forearm or shoulder, and by the time I saw them, it was pretty hard to figure out exactly what they were.  It wasn’t until lately that I really associated tattoos with what they now are:  A part of youth culture.

Unfortunately, I see more and more people my age or older getting tattoos now, and to me, that’s more than a little sad.

Clint Bowyer got penalized 150 points by NASCAR for basically having the back of his car jacked up by a track wrecker when he ran out of gas and was being pushed into victory lane.  That kind of stuff makes me scratch my head.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. seems to be stuck in some time-space continuum, from which he cannot escape, running almost as badly as the guys with no real sponsors.  Heck, sometimes he even runs worse than some of them.  That makes me wonder.

I know that Bobby Labonte will be released from his present position, which means running laps and finishing 37th or so every week, and will be running in the 47 car next year.  That seems like a decent step up for the 2000 champion, but I’m wondering how Marcos Ambrose will fare at Richard Petty Motorsports next year.  Hmmmm.

Kasey Kahne will be driving a Toyota next year, I suppose, for Red Bull.  Kasey might be setting a record for the most brands driven in the shortest amount of time by a Cup driver.  Kasey Kahne started out in a Dodge, is now driving a Ford, and supposedly will be driving a Chevrolet in 2012, after driving a Toyota in 2011.  That dude gets around, that’s for sure, and it’s really no fault of his own.  Technically, he’ll only be quitting one job and taking another, but things in NASCAR are strange sometimes.

Martin Truex Jr. left the #1 Chevy at Earnhardt-Ganassi last year, and so far has no wins in his new ride in the #56 Toyota with Michael Waltrip Racing.  Jamie McMurray, who replaced Martin in the #1, has won the Daytona 500 and the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis this year.  I like Martin Truex a lot, but wonder how he’s feeling about that deal right now.

Do woodchucks really chuck wood, as depicted on the Geico commercials?  Hmmm.  I don’t think we have any woodchucks here in SC, which, of course, stands for South Carolina, not Southern California Tattoo Country.  Since that is the case, I think I will wait until some furry varmint chucks wood at me before I chuck it back at him.

Does this Chase for the Cup seem more interesting than usual?  Like, uh, let’s say, maybe it’s because a guy named Johnson hasn’t come along to dominate all of a sudden?  I don’t dislike Jimmie Johnson by any means, but four in a row is becoming kind of boring.  Let’s see someone new win it for the first time and be genuinely excited about it for a change.

Is it normal for a cat to like hot dog wieners?  I have a cat who loves them.  He’s even stolen one from me when I wasn’t looking.  He likes steak too, which was not such a surprise to me.  I know he doesn’t need to eat like this all the time, but I figure a treat once in a while is OK.    Does that make me a terrible person?

Does anyone think that Rachael Ray is overextending herself?  She’s seems a little scatterbrained on 30 Minute Meals lately.  She also seems to be losing her voice at times.  I like her a lot, but wonder if becoming the next Oprah isn’t taking it’s toll on her.

I’ve got too much time on my hands, I think.  How about you?