Friday, June 25, 2010

It Hurts And It Hurts So Bad

Marcose Ambrose lost the race at Sonoma at Infineon last week because he shut down the engine to save fuel.  To be more accurate, he lost the race because he couldn’t get the engine fired before about 7 cars passed him.

I feel for Marcose.  He’s got to feel so close to getting a win, which he was at Sonoma, but so far away because of his dismal finish, which compared to other drivers was a great finish.

Take Dale Earnhardt Jr. for instance.  He was probably pretty happy with an 11th place finish after struggling with the road course and his car all day.  Ambrose is an accomplished road racer, so his disappointment must have been almost palpable after Sunday’s race.

Ambrose’ day is coming.  He’s far too good a racer to not win in the near future.  Watkins Glen is coming up, and that’s probably the next best chance that Ambrose has to get into victory lane in the Sprint Cup.

Marcose Ambrose, you’re ship is coming in.  You were that close, but you failed to collect the cigar.  You’ll get there, and it might be this year, or next year, or the next, or even the next.

You’ll get there though.

I’ve got faith in you Marcose.  You’re a winner that just hasn’t won in Sprint Cup yet.

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