Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I Wonder About

Things I Wonder About

Do people recognize that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the most popular driver in NASCAR because of his looks and personality rather than his record as a driver?  He’s proven himself as a driver, but he hasn’t delivered much in the way of wins in the last few years.  Dale’s a great guy, but it’s rather unreasonable to expect that he will deliver his father’s numbers in races wins or championships, because probably no one will, except maybe Jimmie Johnson.  The problem is, Jimmie’s just not a very interesting person.  That’s probably Jimmie’s secret to success, and Dale’s problem is that he talks, just like his dad did. Both Dales make great news, Jimmie Johnson just doesn’t.

Do the news people understand that most of the American public is tired of the entire Tiger Woods story? Let the dude play golf, which he is really good at, and then we’ll talk after the Masters Tournament.

Does Richard Childress understand that Kevin Harvick is probably the most talented driver in his stable?  If I were RC, I would do everything I could to keep KH under the corporate banner.  Kevin Harvick is a very talented driver, and has the perfect personality to replace the driver he replaced, who is of course, the late Dale Earnhardt.  I know Kevin has been frustrated, but Richard needs to step up and give Kevin what he needs to get the job done.  Kevin has been doing that for himself in the Truck series and in Nationwide, but for some reason, Richard isn’t giving Kevin quite what he needs in the Cup series.  Kevin is a great driver, and he deserves the best of the best.

NASCAR has gone through great lengths to make the sport more fair, more accessible, more competitive.  Do you think NASCAR will issue me a hard card out of the goodness of their hearts?  I kind of doubt that.  It would be really cool if they did, though.  I love NASCAR and I cannot lie!

Has anyone noticed that Reba McEntire has almost the same eyes that Dale Earnhardt did?  I have.  For years, Reba has reminded me of Dale.  It’s just something about the eyes.  Next time you see pics of them, look at them and tell me I’m wrong.  Maybe it’s not the eyes, it’s the expression with the eyes.  Reba reminds me of Dale Earnhardt every time I see her.  Not many people can look like Dale did when he was focused.  Reba can.  I don’t know that anyone can ignore that stare. Reba has that stare.  Long live Reba.

Ever noticed that the Weather Channel people can be wrong more than half of the time?  I’d like to have a job like that.  Oh wait!  I already do!

Happy week, everyone!