Monday, March 22, 2010

That's Bristol, Baby!

I think it is clearly evident that we now have a great driver that defines the NASCAR era since the year 2000.  That driver is, ladies and gentlemen, none other than Jimmie Johnson.

Fifty wins.  That’s a lot in the decade of parity in stock car racing.  Why is Jimmie Johnson not NASCAR’s most popular driver?  I’ll leave the answer to that question to you, the ultimate experts.  What?  No, I’m not being facetious by saying that.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re a NASCAR fan.  You may have been a fan for 6 weeks, or for 40 years.  You may not know much about the sport, but if you watch the races every week, you already know more than a lot of people who should know better.  Fans drive this sport, and always have, and if you’re a fan, you’re the dude or lady in the driver’s seat.  You, the fan, have the ability to call the shots simply by making your voice heard, and NASCAR is listening.

Getting back to Jimmie Johnson, because I digress, which I often do, I’d like to say that JJ is a great driver, and he and the science project named Chad Knaus, who is Jimmie Johnson’s crew chief, are truly achieving magic numbers in the sport of NASCAR.  Jimmie has won 50 races in only a few over 200 starts.  OK, maybe more than a few, but you get my point.

Personally, to me, Jimmie Johnson is just a blank page, in terms of personality.  He is the perfect driver, because he always quotes the company line, always praises his sponsors, and never says much of anything to start arguments.  Yes, and I’ll say it here, Jimmie Johnson is the greatest boring driver ever.  He really is.

In this sport, boring is not a bad thing, because Jimmie Johnson is married, has a child on the way, but he’s apparently never cheated on his wife, had a child out of wedlock, never did drugs, or beat up a hooker.  Actually, I’d say he’s probably a pretty good guy, though I don’t know him personally.  But, in a world where celebrity is everything, Jimmie Johnson is pretty boring.  That’s where we are as a culture, I suppose.

Give us some meat to chew on, and we’re happy as fans.  Do something to prove that you’re human.  I laugh at the detractors of Jimmie Johnson because what they hate can be explained simply.  He’s just a nice guy.  Don’t you just hate that?

A tip to the wise:  Buy some Jimmie Johnson merchandise.  It’s the cheapest it will ever be, and if you don’t, one day you’ll be sorry.

News of the day:  Tiger Woods gives an exclusive interview to ESPN.  Enough already.  Tiger Woods didn’t sleep with my wife.  He doesn’t owe me an apology.  Get over it, people!  Tiger said he screwed up, and he admits to it!  What else does the world of golf want?

Why does Jimmy C know that his wife didn’t sleep with Tiger Woods?  It’s simple.  Jimmy C doesn’t have a wife, and if he did, he doesn’t know where she is.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. No one said you had to become a role model to be in the sport but there are a few and Jimmy is one of them. It's still nice to see.


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