Monday, August 10, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

For the second consecutive week, NASCAR finds itself moving the Sunday show to Monday because of rain. Thanks to NASCAR's presence in Pennsylvania and New York these last two weeks, people in that part of the country must be rejoicing that the drought is over, if indeed there was one in that area to begin with.

Last week at the Pocono race in Long Pond, PA, we actually saw some pretty exciting racing. Watkins Glen has long been circled on my schedule, because with the new car that the Cup series is using, and the resulting lack of handling and ease of passing other cars, I've been looking forward to the Sprint Cup's second road course race of the season. At Watkins Glen, we're almost guaranteed hard racing and some excitement in terms of spins. I don't want to see anyone have a bad day at Watkins Glen, but inevitably, someone will.

Someone will have a great day though. Come hell or high water, NASCAR is going to try to get this race in today. If they can at least run half the posted distance, that will be good enough. Hopefully, we'll all see a full race today.

NASCAR hates rain delays. The show that's supposed to take place on Sunday gets pushed to Monday, when many people will be working. A lot of fans who bought tickets for the event were forced to travel home on Sunday evening without having the benefit of seeing what they came to the track to see. TV ratings will drop for much the same reason. Dedicated NASCAR fans will TIVO the race or tape it, or will watch the replay later in the week, but it's just not the same. We plan to see the show, and when the show is postponed, we're all disappointed.

As for me, I will be watching the race, since I have little else to do anyway. I hope to see a full race, with lots of hard driving, passing, and strategy. I also hope to see maybe a new winner today, someone whom nobody gave a ghost of a chance of being in the front when the checkered flag waves.

I, for one, will be hoping for drought conditions in the Greater Elmira, New York area for at least a few hours this afternoon.

Rain, rain? You can come again some other day.

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