Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jeremy Mayfield: The saga that never ends.

First of all, I don't know anything about methamphetamine. I've never used it, I've never cooked it, I've never sold it, so I just don't know that much about it.

All I know is what I read. I've read that meth makes people very aggressive, and sometimes inhumanly strong. I've seen pics of Jeremy Mayfield. I'd arm wrestle him, meth or not. I think I could probably win.

As I've said before, I just don't see a former winner in the Cup series who's been banished to oblivion, starting his own team, cultivating his own sponsors, and going racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup in 2009 if he's got a drug abuse problem. Jeremy knew NASCAR's new policy on drug testing. I assume he did. I did. I'm not a driver, and am in no way associated with any of the teams out there. But I knew about NASCAR's new drug testing policy. I'm guessing that Jeremy did too.

Personally, I'm backing Mayfield on this, not that it will matter much. I can't believe that Jeremy would be stupid enough to embark with his own team on this journey back to full time Sprint Cup racing if he was an abuser of meth. I don't think anyone would be that stupid, knowing NASCAR's new drug testing policy. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have put all that money at risk, even if I had it.

If NASCAR is railroading Jeremy, I wouldn't be too surprised. NASCAR does not like to be second guessed, or overruled. As NASCAR has always said to drivers who were being difficult, "NASCAR doesn't need you as much as you need NASCAR."

Jeremy Mayfield's career is probably over. He's now failed two drug tests, according to NASCAR.

Jeremy, we'll miss you.


  1. Jim -

    For one to believe that Mayfield is not a meth head, you also have to believe that NASCAR and Aegis are involved in a conspiracy (which has been joined by the stepmother) to frame poor little innocent Jeremy. You have to leap to the conclusion that Aegis, a company that has many clients in sports, government and private industry and has nothing to gain by allowing anything to tarnish its image, is conspiring with NASCAR and they are out to "get" Mayfield.

    You also have to believe Mayfield's tall tale that he has evidence proving his stepmother shot and killed his dad, even though authorities have ruled it was suicide in two different investigations. Mayfield made this disclosure a day after the step mother's affadavit was reveraled. If he had evidence of a wrongful death, why didn't he file suit in the two years since his fathers suicide? By the way, no wrongful death suit has been filed by Mayfield at the time that I wrote this note.

    Further, you have to believe that Mayfield really does have a film crew producing a documentary. The person videotaping Mayfield appears to have little, if any, experience in the manner. In the WSOC TV interview, the "film crew" was in the vehicle with Mayfield, videotaping the back of the subjects head! This so called film crew didn't pass Video Journalism 101.

    Then, a Mayfield believer has to disregard the statement made to the Associated Press in February when a Mayfield crew member tested positive for drugs. The Mayfield Motorsports response was, "Mayfield Motorsports respects the decision by NASCAR to indefinitely suspend Paul Chodora," Mayfield said in a statement. "We as an organization appreciate NASCAR's drug testing policies and policing efforts as it makes the sport stronger overall". Interesting. 5 months ago they appreciated NASCAR's drug testing policy, now Mayfield doesn't believe anything NASCAR does and accuses them of spiking the sample.

    Jim, you assert that Mayfield was smart enough to start his own team and get a sponsor, so you dont believe he is a meth user. If Mayfield really was smart, he wouldn't have self destructed in the media in the past few weeks. He would have cooperated fully with NASCAR, kept his mouth shut and allowed the attorneys to battle for the truth with solid testing results and expert witnesses. Instead, he has made a fool of himself and destroyed any chance he had of ever having a career in stock car racing.

    There are so many holes in the Mayfield version of the truth that any reasonable and prudent person by now has to be convinced that Mayfield may be a drug user. At the very least, he has serious issues.

  2. Robert, Apparently you missed one important point in my article. I never claimed that Mayfield was innocent. I said that I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough, understanding NASCAR's policy on drug use, to start and run a team in 2009.

    If indeed, Jeremy Mayfield is that stupid, then He's that stupid.

    Personally, I don't really care whether Jeremy is a drug user or not. That's his problem. I do see NASCAR acting like a rather ruffled matron of the sport trying to cover their skirts doing damage control though.

    If, indeed, Jeremy Mayfield is willing to submit himself to 2 drug tests that show him to be a user of meth is insane. I'm not saying he's innocent, I'm just saying he's stupid if he is a drug user and keeps acting innocent.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Have you ever seen a meth addict?? It is not a pretty sight. Jeremy, on the other hand, is not too bad too look at!
    I believe he is innocent and it was a false positive reading.


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