Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm a Mouthy Piece of Something!

It's true, because someone commented on an article I wrote over a year ago about Kyle Busch.  You can go back through the archives and see the comment, because I left it there as a monument to the ultimate stupidity amplified by Kyle Busch fans.

When you're blessed with a low IQ and an apparent lack of knowledge when it comes to the English language, and an apparent lack of wits, you attack by using four letter words.  This is what Anonymous posted on my blog, on an article I wrote over a year ago.

Normally, I don't entertain garbage mouth words such as Anonymous uttered, but I leave it up here, with apologies to folks who might be offended by such words, as proof as to what it takes for some folks to be a Kyle Busch fan.

Let's examine some facts here.  I have a blog.  I write on it.  Of course I'm mouthy!  Why would I not be when I have a forum on which to write?

I have opinions.  Anonymous did too.  I invite Anonymous to get his or her own blog and dispute me.  Or just use the options on my own blog to prove me wrong, in a logical way.  Calling me bad names really means that not only do you not like what I say, but you don't have a constructive argument as to how I'm wrong in what I say.

Kyle Busch is an immature punk.  His actions prove my words.

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  1. I don't know what is wrong with this guy. To break a beautiful guitar like that shows that he is impulsive and immature. I hope it puts a hex on him and he will regret the day.


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