Sunday, April 12, 2009

No greater responsibility does a man have

Than to send his men into harm's way.  In World War II, George Patton sent men into battle knowing some of them would die.  It's a sad fact, but it's true.  George Patton's  preferred way was to let the enemy SOB die for his country, and that his own men live.  But the sad fact is, when you send men into battle, men die.

The commander of troops in combat is probably the most underrated job in the world, but probably the most important.  It's been said that the greatest job a man can have is commanding troops in combat.

This idea is somewhat the same in NASCAR.  Crew chiefs regularly ask men to risk their lives going over the wall to service a race car, sometimes while 40 or so others are speeding down pit road inches away from them.  During the average pit stop, the crew chief is asking several men to put their lives on the line to make the driver have a good pit stop.

We've been fortunate that not too many men have died on pit road over the last few years.  We've had some injured, but mostly, we've only had a few injuries, not deaths.  Thanks, NASCAR, for mandating helmets and other safety gear on pit road.  In the old days, most of them were wearing blue jeans and tee shirts, and no helmets, and sometimes one of them got killed doing what they loved the most.

Thank God that's not the case anymore.  At many tracks, we almost always see a crew member almost finishing his career in catastrophe, but thanks to the newer rules regarding safety, we haven't lost one lately.

Thanks, NASCAR.  Most of these guys work other jobs during the week, and most have families.  We're glad you're keeping them safe.

My hat's off to all the fallen out there.  May God keep you and bless you.

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