Tuesday, April 28, 2009

David Poole. We'll Miss You.

I just learned of David Poole's passing, and we'll miss him.

David wrote for the Charlotte Observer, and sites such as That's racin, and was into many other endeavors, including satelite radio.

David will definitely be missed among the people who write about and debate NASCAR issues.

From what I understand, he was instrumental in the lives of many who write or have websites dedicated to NASCAR.  

David and I corresponded from time to time.  He was kind enough to read my blogs, and he very kindly offered advice to an aspiring NASCAR writer, some of which I followed.  I was not a friend of David's, but I consider him to be one my main influences.  I never agreed with all of his opinions, but I certainly respected what he said and why he said it.  To say that I'll miss him understates my feeling greatly.

My prayers will go out to his family and friends.  I will miss what he's been bringing to the NASCAR table for over 13 years.

David, you will be missed.  I know I'll miss you.

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