Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Night, All Heck Broke Loose!

Oh, you thought I was talking about the race?  Oh, Ok.  I suppose all heck did break loose during the race.  Not that I got to watch much of it.  I was without power most of the night.

All I can say is Congratulations to Kyle Busch for winning at his home town track of Las Vegas.  This guy is just getting better and better all the time, and might be one of the best drivers that NASCAR has ever seen.  If there's not a major fan club out there for Kyle yet, note to entrepreneurs, start one.  This dude is going to be big before it's over.

My power went out, which of course means the TV went out at about 7 or so last night.  I didn't get to see much of the race, but I listened to the end of it on my GE Super Radio, with batteries installed.  MRN - The Motor Racing Network, does a great job in a pinch.  It's not like seeing the race, but it's probably the next best thing when you're sitting in the cold, 24 degrees as of this morning, and literally sweating it out.

We had about 5 inches of snow here in the Upstate area of South Carolina last night.  I know, most of you folks in Minnesota and Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts, and other states scoff at that.  In SC, this is a pretty major deal though.  Tree limbs fall, power goes out, and we're left with no NASCAR on FOX, or any other channel for that matter.  For a NASCAR fan, that's like being left at the alter.

I do read that though overcoming yet another embarrassing pit stop deal, Dale Earnhardt Jr. managed to finish 10th last night.  I'm glad to see that, and now that this puts Dale Jr. solidly in the top 35 in points, and hopefully some of the rumors about him not making races will cease.  I find it funny to read that stuff like I've read in the last 4 or 5 days saying that Rick Hendrick called Jr. into the office last Monday and told him to get a top 10 at Vegas or turn in his helmet.  I'm afraid that some of the people that were repeating this rumor believed it.  You anti Junior people, please, try to come up with something a little more believable than that that bag of crap.

Finally, this week we're off to Atlanta, one of my favorite tracks in the world.  If you haven't been to Atlanta, and can get there, believe me, it's a great experience.  There is no such thing as a bad seat at Atlanta, and you will definitely get your money's worth if you go to the track.

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