Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little Shameless Self Promotion

Hi, folks.  I have a new site, called JCNN, which stands for Jimmy C's NASCAR Network.  It's a social network, which means that I post news articles and stories about NASCAR, or what ever else I feel is important to talk about, and you can comment on them.  There are message boards for you to use, and live chat as well.

You can set up your own page anyway you want, and post pictures, video, music, or whatever.  You can even write your own blog there as well.  It's a site that I've recently discovered, and I'm still learning my way around it, and cordially invite you to do so as well.  There will be little in the way of moderation, as long as members keep it within Ning's guidelines as far as profanity or pornography.  I'm not really going to moderate it that much, if at all, as long as all goes well.  We have a racing discussion forum, and can add separate forums for your favorite drivers, or even your favorite type of racing.  All you have to do is ask, and your wish is my command as far as that goes.  You don't even have to talk about racing at all, because there is a general discussion board as well.  On the live chat, I don't care.  Talk about whatever you wish.  Just keep it more or less PG rated, and I will never have a problem with it.

It's totally free, which is the great thing about it.  You can sign up in less than a minute and be on your way, uploading your own pics, video, music, whatever you like.  It's sort of a cross between Facebook, MySpace, and about 10 other popular sites.  Come on in, fix up your page anyway you like, and have fun.

It's easy, it's simple to join, and you can interact with other race fans, or even people who aren't race fans.  There is no preferred driver, because I'm not doing the site on any one driver or team.  All fans of NASCAR or any other racing series are welcome here.

It's all about fun.  We could all use a little more of that, I think.  Come on in!  Join JCNN now!

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