Sunday, February 15, 2009

The 51st Daytona 500

The above photo is of the finish of the first Daytona 500, which was held in 1959.  The car in the middle, after checking film and photographs, was later declared the winner of the race.  The driver of that car was Lee Petty, and thus began one of NASCAR's greatest traditions.

Today, all of what has happened over the last week or so will be forgotten, all the tire problems hopefully a thing of the past, and all the other issues that the drivers, teams, and owners have faced will all go out the window when the green flag flies.  Daytona is a brand new beginning for many teams, and new associations for other teams and sponsors.

For those of you Kevin Harvick fans who may be dubious about my pick of Kevin Harvick to win today's race, I promise I didn't pick Kevin because my choice is the K.O.D., or as is sometimes called the kiss of death, or the kiss of disaster.  I picked Kevin because I think he can win!  Honest!

Here's hoping for a good, safe race.  I pray that all the drivers and crew members walk away from the track under their own power today.  I hope that all the fans travelling to and from the track will have a safe day as well.

It's 2009!  Let's light this firecracker!

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  1. This is a season of change for NASCAR and the Daytona 500 The world is in financial turmoil and Stock car racing is not immune. If there is a racing series that can weather the stoem its this one though. Read more and comment at
    How can anybody compete with the Hendrick Steamroller? It's Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson!


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