Friday, August 8, 2008

New Feature here.

Careful readers of this blog maybe sometimes miss some of the links that I post on the left side and at the bottom, so I will add a plug for this blog's latest feature, the Jimmy C Message Board. This board is primarily about Nascar, of course, and it's a place where you can discuss racing. There are also forums for general discussion, where you can talk about just about anything. There is also a Blogging forum, where you can discuss this blog, your own, or anyone else's. We have a Rant and Rave forum, where you may just let it all hang out, within reason of course!

Right now, this is not a board you have to join in order to post. You may register, of course, and that makes posting an easier process. We have also included another special feature, which is our Semi-Private forum. You must be a member of the authorized group not only to post here, but to read it as well. The SP forum is largely by invitation only, so you will need to either know a friend who is already a member there, or you will have to convince the forum moderator that you can can be trusted not to violate forum policies, such as spamming, sexual content, or just plain stupidity such as hatred.

All forums are moderated. Our intention here was to have a safe place where good people can talk about just about anything on their minds. This forum is not driver specific, and you may talk about any driver or team that you wish to. New forums will be added as the desire for them may dictate.

There are many great message boards out there. Some of them are driver specific, but for now ours won't be. All I ask is that we keep this on a relatively PG rated format. Spammers and their messages will be removed. People posting porn or links to porn will be removed. People making personal attacks on other posters will be removed. If you've ever been a member of a driver's message board, you already know the drill. Behave as if your favorite young child were reading everything you write, and you will be fine.

As I have said, you do not need to be a member read or to post, except in our Semi-Private forum. The Racing, General Discussion, Blogging, and Rant and Rave forums are open to all. This is an experiment that we hope to build upon and create a comfortable, safe environment for all who participate.

Come join us, won't you?

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