Monday, August 4, 2008

If you need a new home on the Internet

Make it here. The New Jeff Gordon Pit Board is a great place to be. You don't necessarily have to be a fan of the guy that's won 80 something races and 4 championships, but If you want to meet nice people who love Nascar, this is the place to be. Heck, I'm a fan of the 88, but I'm a member of the Jeff Gordon board, because I've met some great people there. The person that started it just wanted a nice place for people to meet and talk. We meet there and talk.

There are a lot of boards devoted to a lot of different things on the Net. If you like to talk about Nascar, go check out the Jeff Gordon Pit board. You'll have fun there, even if you're not the greatest Jeff Gordon fan in the universe.

In other news, my cable TV is not operational right now. I just chatted with a customer service rep, and she told me there had been massive storm damage in my area this past weekend. That's funny, because I did not see a drop of rain here. I did not hear any thunder, or see anything like lightening in the sky. Things that make you want to say "huh."

Here's some stats on the drivers after Pocono. Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch have not won every race this season, contrary to what you might see on TV. Kasey Kahne has won a race. So has Kurt Busch. So has Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jimmie Johnson's won two, Ryan Newman won the Daytona 500, and yet he's leaving the 12 after this year. Denny Hamlin has won a race. So has Jeff Burton. It's just Nascar, and things happen.

Next week we go to the road course at Watkins Glen, and we once again test the drivers on their ability to turn right as well as left. Jeff Gordon is tied with Tony Stewart with 4 wins each at this track. Everyone says Tony is due to win a race, but I really think that Jeff is due this time. Hendrick horsepower and Jeff's skills as a road racer make him my current favorite this week.

I guess we'll just have to see though. I used to hate road course races, but now I look forward to them. We get to see our drivers shine on tracks they don't run most of the time. Jeff Gordon is a true racer, and he can win on virtually any track.

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