Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exclusive Post Race Comments from Infineon!

A lot of people don't know this, but this week, the Jimmy C's Nascar Blog had hidden microphones in various haulers and press rooms at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. Some of the comments were surprising, to say the least.

Kyle Busch, current points leader and race winner: "I love Northern California! They really know how to appreciate a good bow here! Hey, I just found out I'm an accomplished road course ringer!"

Juan Pablo Montoya: (in a radio conversation with his crew chief) "But Brian, the gas gauge reads full! What? That's the temperature gauge? Now you tell me!"

Tony Stewart: "I just wanted to dispel any more rumors that I'm going to be Richard Childress' 4th driver."

Kevin Harvick: "I just wanted to prove to the world that I'm just as good as any Joe Gibbs Racing driver!"

Jamie McMurray: "Wow! I finally got on TV! And during a race!"

Jeff Gordon, in a radio conversation with owner Rick Hendrick: "Rick, I've got a plan. Nascar and TNT need the ratings, so why don't we just let the bad boy win another one?"

Casey Mears, singing softly to himself: "I ain't got nobody, nobody cares for me, nobody, nobody..."

Jimmie Johnson: " I think Greg (Biffle) saw a right hand corner, when I know I clearly saw a left hand corner. It's like.... Greg was just in another dimension, and he was right behind me! He was in the mirror universe, where right is left and left is right. I'm telling you, it was scary!"

Greg Biffle who during the race mysteriously sprouted a mustache and goatee: "All of a sudden, the light shimmered, and it's like everything was backwards. I could have sworn that was the 84 car in front of me, not the 48!"

Kasey Kahne: "I'm going to petition Nascar to award as many points for winning the pole as the race winner gets!"

David Reutimann: "Man, where did that straightaway go? Now they call it Turn 8?"

Kyle Petty, who was in the TNT booth during this year's event: "At least the entire world didn't hear me say a particularly bad word during the race this year!"

Brian France, Nascar's ultimate ruler: "Next year, I think we're going to run the race here the other way around. Let's make Turn 11 into Turn 1. We'll also award extra points for synchronized spinning."

Casey Mears, again, but this time to an empty press room: "The Kelloggs Chevrolet was..... Hello, anybody hear me? Anyone there?"

Elliot Sadler: "I don't see why a car can't win a race with 3 tires. Dale Jr. did it with no gas. Jeff Gordon did it with no water in the radiator! Next week, I'm going to show up in my blond wig and mustache, and change my luck a little."

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: "Man, if it weren't for the fact that I hate this place, I'd love it. I think me, Tony and Kenny need to buy this track, and then I'm going to get my daddy's old bulldozer and doze it to the ground. We'll put in a 2.75 mile, 36 degree banked wide oval. Then we'll buy Nascar and change the rules and do away with restrictor plates. You want to see open wheel speeds out of cars with fenders? Heck yeah, man!"

In case you can't tell, all the above comments and quotes are quite fictitious and are are solely for fun. We never mean to offend here. Well, almost never.

In memoriam: NHRA's Scott Kalitta died tragically on Saturday during a race in New Jersey. Scott Kalitta. May you rest in peace, and may the good Lord watch over your family.

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