Sunday, June 8, 2008

Congratulations to Kasey Kahne and other stuff on my mind.

Congratulations indeed are in order to Kasey Kahne, who won a very hot, tiring 500 mile race at Pocono today. Kasey had the best car when it counted, and it's always fun to watch a nice young guy win a race. Kasey has been on a hot streak lately, winning not only the All Star race, but also the Coca Cola 600 as well. In my book, Kasey's hot streak is even hotter than the media's favorite child, Kyle Busch. My heartfelt congratulations go out to Kasey on his win at Pocono. I wish every young driver had as much class as Kasey does.

I've got a couple of serious questions for those of you who follow open wheel racing. I hope you understand that I am serious about these questions, and hope you don't just think that I'm throwing stones. I am woefully uninformed about open wheel racing, and would like to be educated. My first question is why is there such little passing in open wheel racing? Is it just because it's too dangerous? I'd really like to know.

My second question is how do drivers from Brazil, the Netherlands, Scotland, and other countries get their start in series such as Formula One? Are there local racing series that they dominate, as do many drivers in the US? I'd just like to know, because I just don't have time to research all this stuff. I am truly interested, and hope you all understand that my natural nature is to be curious about subjects that I know little about. You may post your answers in the comments section, or you may e-mail me at I thank you in advance for any information you can give me.

What's going on at Gillette - Evernham Motorsports? For one thing, it looks like the 9 Budweiser Dodge is winning races. Where is Elliot Sadler and the other dude? Oh yeah, Sam Hornish, Jr. Elliot finished 34th, and Sam finished 41st. Why is there not parity between the teams who supposedly have the same equipment? I wish I knew the answer, because if I did, I'd be the hottest commodity in Nascar right now.

I'm watching Dave Despain's show right now, and they're basically talking about how passing in racing is overrated. Peter Windsor is only a Formula One kind of guy, so I guess he's used to what I call very boring racing. Like I said above, Please educate me about why I'm just missing the point when it comes to racing with no passing. I'm not trying to be a Nascar snob here, as if there was such a thing, but I'd really like to know. According to Peter, F1 is based on technology, which I understand. You find features on any F1 car that you'll never see on your car in your driveway. I appreciate that. Now they have Darrell Waltrip debating Peter, which is somewhat like having Jethro Bodeen debate the Duke of Windsor. I don't think any of these guys speak the same language at all.

If indeed, I've been wrong all these years, and side by side racing is indeed boring, we need to pass this news along to all the short tracks around the country. On any Friday or Saturday night, we see local drivers racing hard, side by side, on dirt or oily asphalt, trying to be the first to the checkered flag. I pay my 10 bucks, and rarely leave feeling like I didn't get my money's worth. Sometimes I get to see a fight or two, which is just plain fun too. I don't ever want to see people get hurt, but a good clean fight is not a bad thing to see either.

The best part of today was the TNT tribute and interview they did with Bobby Allison. Bobby still maintains that Cale Yarborough kept beating his nose on Bobby's fist after the 1979 Daytona 500. How can you not love a guy like Bobby?

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