Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wink and Nod.

Kyle Busch blew down a track today under a red flag. That's good sportsmanship, isn't it? Who cares that he might have killed someone. That's just who Kyle Busch is, isn't it?

If Kyle Busch wants to be Dale Earnhardt, he's got a long way to go. He just doesn't have the class yet, or the experience, or the maturity. Dream on, Kyle!

Kyle, part of who Dale Earnhardt was, was to take responsibility for his mistakes. Have you, Kyle Busch ever taken responsibility for any of yours? Not really. Have you, Kyle Busch, ever apologized for driving like a total idiot? No, you have not. Have you, Kyle Busch, ever admitted that you're an idiot? No, you have not.

Kyle, do you think driving into blinding smoke with your foot pegged on the gas was going to get you noticed? Bingo. You're right, it did. Because after you left Texas in a huff, Dale Jr., the guy you wrecked, got into your car and finished the race. Dale Jr. had the grace and the class to not leave in a huff, but I guess You never even thought about that fact, that you would look like a complete idiot, because you were missing in action at a race track. Way to go, Kyle.

By the way, Kyle, the car you nailed was Jr.'s car. He had enough grace and class to stay and finish YOUR race, while you flew away. Nice move, Kyle.

If you have a problem with getting released by Rick Hendrick, get over it. Dale Jr. has about 100 times more class in his little finger than you have ever shown in your life.

Kyle, quit being such an idiot. You've got so much raw talent, but you've got so little maturity, it's pathetic.

Grow up, Kyle Busch.

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