Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memorial Day wishes from readers

I don't normally do this, but I got an e-mail at , which you may also send your thoughts and suggestions to. I do not reveal names or e-mail addresses, so your privacy is guaranteed. I will occasionally share what I think is an interesting thought on the blog though. I hardly ever do this, but I couldn't help it under this particular circumstance. Here goes:

Dear Mr. Jimmy C,

You like Dale Eernhart jr because he supports the milatary of this country, and therfor I cant support him because of that. He has the navy and the nat. gard on his car, and they all kill and rape babys all over the world. The usa shold not be killing all those people, and I know what Im talking about, cause my dad was in the navy and he told me so. I am 45 yeers old, oder than you, so you need to lissen to me. The usa should put everone on the milatary in prison for crimes aganst humanty. Juuuuuunior is gilty to, cause he suports the milatary, and he shold go to jail to. Kile BUSH is the best driver out ther, and you konw it but you wont amit it. Kile only sells candy which is good, juuuuunior wonts to kill peeople and rape babeys and you know it. I AM a Professer of LAWS at ................... Universty. You can look it up cause its true.

You know im right, you just wont admit it



Wow! What Can I say?

I answered as such: Dear Professer ..................., Thank you very much for reading my blog. Your insight and raw power of reasoning overwhelms me, and obviously you are right, and I am wrong, since you make such a compelling argument in your favor. Who am I to argue with a Professer of LAWS? Since I'm obviously out of my league here, both by my choice of driver, and also in sheer intellect alone, I will acquiesce to your rock solid points, which destroy everything I've ever said about Dale Eernhart Juuuuuuunior. I suspect that you wrote to me in an undercover role, as even though I'm stupid, and you are smart, I still suspect that you might indeed be the true President of the Kile Bush Fan Club. Also, being a supporter of the troops in the US 'Milatary', I will now go to the nearest police station and turn myself in before I do something bad to 'babeys.' Thanks for straightening me out on that one, Mr. President!


Mr. Jimmy C

I know, I know. But it's the first real e-mail I've ever had from an avowed 'Kile Bush' fan!


  1. I find it interesting that this dude proclaims himself to be a professor of law when he can't even write a complete sentence correctly and misspells every other word. It looks more like he/she/it is a 13 or 14 year old high school student destined for a career selling tacos out of a shack somewhere. His comments toward Junior, the Navy, and the National Guard are asinine, thoughtless, and downright crude. Of course, what more would one expect from a Kyle Busch (oh...excuse me, "Kile" Busch") fan?

    Good luck this weekend Junior!

  2. LOL. I have a feeling you've been pranked. This is the spelling of someone with a third-grade education at best. The grammar and usage is beyond a 3rd grade education. Someone with a 3rd grade education would not use the word therefore, misspelled or not.

    I have a feeling this was a college prank. The perpetrator was probably mad at their professor and did this to get back at him.


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