Monday, May 26, 2008

Denny Hamlin. Auditioning to be the new Bad Boy of Nascar?

It would certainly seem that way. Brad Keselowski drove up and bumped the 20 car the other night, but Denny responded with an outright shot to the left front fender of the 88 US Navy car.

We're talking Nationwide Series here folks. The old Busch Series. Cup drivers populate this sport for a good reason. Nationwide needs them.

Without the Cup guys involved in the races, TV and track attendance would drop like the blood pressure of a man bleeding to death. Nationwide relies on the Cup guys to have some fun and race in the 'lesser' series.

On Saturday night, we had beautiful weather at Charlotte, NC. The skies were clear, the breeze was from the southwest, a normal Carolina night. A young driver named Denny Hamlin showed himself to be a total fool on this wonderful Carolina night.

Near the end of the Nationwide race, Brad Keselowski in the 88 Navy car, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the 83 Navy car followed the 20 car of Denny Hamlin under a late caution. The 88 bumped the 20, and then headed uphill to clean off his tires. Brad Keselowski did nothing that I had not seen other drivers do. Suddenly, the 20, piloted by a supposedly sober Denny Hamlin shoots up the hill and caves in Brad's left front fender. This was as obvious an act of retaliation as has ever been seen in this sport. Kyle Busch goes on to win. Nothing special about that. In that same caution, car owner Dale Earnhardt Jr., owner of JR Motorsports, took offense to the actions of the 20 car and bumped the 20, still under caution. Dale Jr. is the owner of the 88 car that the 20 had just taken out of action.

After the race, the 88 crew had a problem with the 20 driver and crew. Shoving ensued, and so did a little fist swinging. None of the drivers were involved.

The meat of the story is this: Denny Hamlin complained about the lack of driver talent, namely the lack of Sprint Cup talent...... In the Nationwide Series! Brad Keselowski is not a Sprint Cup driver. Denny is comparing his experience with Brad's? Denny also made a comment about not being able to race JRM cars. Denny, Denny, Denny..... It's not fair for Nationwide drivers to race Cup drivers in the Nationwide series? If you don't like it, don't ever race Nationwide again, Denny. We won't mind. Neither will Brad. Neither will a lot of Nationwide drivers. I guess you don't get the point, Denny. This is the NATIONWIDE series. It's not a practice race for the Cup series. These drivers are driving for their lives here, not like you, who just wants something to do on a Saturday night. Get over yourself, Denny. Nationwide doesn't need you, and in the future, I hope you just lie in your hauler and amuse yourself, well, however you want to. If you want to insult every driver in the Nationwide series, who races full time in that series, well, guess what. You just did.

Congratulations, Denny Hamlin. I hope you're proud of yourself for insulting everyone that ever helped you become what you are now, which is a pompous ass.

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  1. I guess we are all entitled to our opinions - but I say the "racing Incident" a little different. Dont get me wrong - I am a Denny Hamlin fan - but I also like Brad K. I just think that Brad did what he did intentionally to make a point - he even said as much at the post race interview.

    With that said - you thoughts were well written - even if I dont agree with the outcome.


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