Thursday, May 29, 2008

Clute, Texas.

It's ok, it's really ok. I get bored sometimes, and read who is reading my blog. I had a reader today from Clute Texas. I had never heard of Clute, so I decided to check it out.

It turns out that Clute is a town of a little over 10,000 inhabitants on the gulf coast of Texas. Houston is not far away, but If I lived in Clute, I'd be proud to live there. I'm guessing Clute is my kind of town. You've got a Jack in the Box, and Cactus Grill Steakhouse, which according to one person was great, but according to another had good food but smelled bad. That's my kind of town!

You've also got some other very good restaurants in town, so the next time I hang my hat in Clute, Texas, I'm in for a treat. I'm sorry to say that if you came to my humble home town, you might not find the same hospitality or service in the food preparation. Mostly here, you'll find fast food, and not so good an attitude while you get it. We do have some good restaurants in the Williamston/ Anderson area, but you've got to drive somewhat to enjoy them. We've got great steak houses, and some good meat and 3's, but none very close by where I live though. Clute seems to have us beat here. I congratulate you, Clute, Texas.

I might do this from time to time, just to congratulate readers and small towns all over the map. I would travel more if fuel prices were lower, but Clute, Texas is a place I'd truly like to visit. Maybe one day I will.

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