Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chips on shoulders do not entitle one to win.

Today I break the Kyle Busch embargo. Go Kyle Busch! Go! Prove to me that you're a worthy stock car driver, and I'll always be your fan. Ok, I'm waiting.

Kyle Busch just announced that he's going to test a Formula One Car in Japan later this year. At age 23, I'm glad Kyle is branching out. He also told at least one person in the media that he was planning to retire by age 30 from Nascar stock car racing. That's great news, Kyle. I hope your competitors survive your inane antics for that long.

I said "inane". I didn't say "insane". There is a difference. Kyle Busch basically exhibits a total lack of respect for every one else on the track with whom he's racing. Kyle does not qualify as "insane" though.

Smart is as smart does, I suppose, and Kyle has shown us all how smart he can be. He's currently 1st in Cup points, with 3 wins to his credit. Kyle has not shown much class in the way he's kept his points lead, but he's still got the lead. Numbers matter, and Kyle's got the numbers that count.

Nascar, by the way, could not be happier over the recent unpleasantness between Kyle and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Rivalry equals ratings, and Nascar understands that. Kyle Busch Vs. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a rivalry that is guaranteed to generate ratings on TV. Nascar could not have had a more perfect wreck, even if it were written into a script.

We've got a non points race coming up tomorrow night, and both drivers will be in the race. If I were Dale Jr., I'd put the little punk from Las Vegas into the wall on the pace laps. But then, there is probably a reason why I write about this stuff, and don't actually drive the race cars.


  1. Kyle has a long way to becoming a superstar of our sport. His arrogance has been the reason of the fan's disdain. He will not be respected until he learns how to respect the other drivers and the fans of NASCAR.

  2. The media has gone a long way to destroy what might be a promising career.

    Kyle is obviously not as fortunate as Dale Jr who had his father there to guide him and keep his feet firmly planted on the ground. But that doesnt give him the right to run over everyone else on the track, with his "I'm entitled" attitude.

    He's not only disrespectful of those who built the sport to what it is today but also to the fans and the people who build his cars. They have to cringe everytime he wrecks another car.

    A silent prayer that 42 drivers who share the track survive til he reaches 30. Losing Dale was hard enough. I don't think the fans can afford to lose a driver at Kyle's hands. I honestly believe Nascar would not survive the loss of another driver names Earnhardt. If that happens they may as well lock the gates and park the cars.

  3. I appreciate what you said, anonymous. I would disagree with you on one point though. Nascar will go on whether or not there is an Earnhardt racing in any series. We have a hard time handling it, but Nacar will go on. I hope Rowdy retires before he kills someone though.


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