Sunday, April 6, 2008

Was that a boring race at Texas or was that just Me?

I watched virtually every moment of the Samsung 500 from Texas Motor Speedway today, and I yawned a few times. I got an average night's sleep last night. I wasn't particularly tired. I was actually pretty jacked up about watching the race.

But I yawned a few times.

Edwards and Busch leading by 6 seconds makes for a little bit of a .... excuse me, yawning again... boring race.

Congratulations to Carl Edwards for winning yet another race, and this time his oil tank cover was on tight! I enjoy the back flips, but that was one boring race.

Nascar, in creating the car of tomorrow, has the created the car of boredom. The car just won't handle. The drivers hate driving it, for the most part. Kyle Busch won the first COT race last year at Bristol. When asked about the car? "It sucks." Kyle informed us.

Maybe Nascar needs to pay attention to comments such as those. The new car does indeed "suck", as Kyle so eloquently puts it. The drivers don't like them, and they don't handle very well.

Nascar seems to want to play with and tweak the system on a yearly basis. First the Chase, then the Lucky Dog, or the free pass, if you prefer, now the Car of Today, which used to be the Car of Tomorrow. Most of this began when Brian France, the grandson of Bill France Sr., took the reigns of this nations second most popular sport. Brian, the free pass is probably a good idea, if not very fair. I don't like 40 something cars coming at a sitting duck stalled sideways in the backstretch of any track any more than, well, the duck for instance. The Chase? keep tweaking, you're not there yet. The COT? to use Kyle Busch's words, "It sucks."

Take the fenders off these cars if you want to really get people's attention. Put supercharged I-4 engines in the car if you want to make a statement. Why not? Mr. France, with all due respect, you've already made a lot of old time Nascar fans pretty mad.

Mr. France? Quit tampering with a product that your grandfather and your father made great. You've had about 1 good idea out of every 10, that I can see. Just leave the sport alone, and the fans will flock to it.

I would like to add to this post, if I may. Under the Brian France administration, safety has increased exponentially in Nascar. My hat is definitely off to Mr. France for making the sport safer. The Hans device, and safer barriers have made the sport much safer, and I salute Brian France for making sure that these rules are in place now.

One has to wonder though. If Hans devices had been mandated by Nascar in 2000, or even 1999, would Kenny Irwin still be with us? Would Adam Petty? Would Dale Earnhardt be sitting on top of a DEI pit box? I guess we'll never know, but the newest France administration in Nascar has stressed safety, over all else. I applaud Mr. France for that.

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