Sunday, April 27, 2008

Possible to like Nascar drivers but dislike their fans?

You bet. I joined the Harvick Online site a few years ago, but quit posting much, because even though I was a Harvick fan, I got ripped every time I posted there. I could say Harvick was the best driver ever, and there appeared some poster that had a problem with everything I said. Today, on the eve of the Talladega race, some poor soul admitted feeling sorry for Dale Jr.'s winless streak. She was invited to leave the site, and not very politely.

What was funny, was that about 2 posts above the Dale Jr. comment, someone thought it wise to post about Ferarri winning a Formula One race. There was not problem with that, but mention Dale Jr. and the entire board has a veritable hissy fit.

I joined the HOL board in good faith a few years ago, and have never, ever run Dale Jr. up the flag pole, but I could say that Harvick was the greatest driver out there, and I would find some poster who basically said the sky was green. You can't win on HOL. You either belong to the clique, or you don't. Lately, it appears that most of the HOL posters are of an emotional age of around 8 or so. Slash. Burn. It's what the HOL folks do. That's their right., I suppose, but even though I like Kevin Harvick, as a driver and as a team owner, his fans seem like absolute dweebs.

Why the problem with Dale Jr., you might ask. Good question. It's pure jealousy. HOL members will never admit it, but they are so jealous of the media attention that Dale Jr. garners, they just can't stand it, and they do the usual posts, Dale Jr. has no talent, he's a traitor, etc.

Kevin Harvick is a great driver in the Nationwide series. Until he puts up some numbers like Dale Jr. has in the Cup series, Kevin is a has-been. Kevin is a second tier driver, and will remain that way until he produces a lot more wins. Kevin Harvick, I like you, but you seriously need to torch your pathetic message board and start a new one.


  1. You are so right, Jimmy. I felt the same way at a few of the Earnhardt sites when I first tried to post - because I was trying to be open about the fact that I am also a Jeff Gordon fan. I left because there is not enough time in my day to put up with the horrid stuff that was said to me. I love the big change that has occurred since Junior moved to HMS. We all, Junior fans and Jeff fans, and those of us who love both, are (for the most part) learning how to get along and enjoy the races and each other, differences and all. There are a few at the Network who are and always will be Junior-Haters, just as there are those who are Pit Board Members who are Jeff-Haters and always will be same. But I think the majority of us are happy with the combination, though sometimes Jeff will do things that make Junior fans upset and vice versa. Such is life and we will overcome! Thanks for a great blog.


  2. I have never visited that site and I probably never will. I know how good a person that Dale Jr is and if someone wants to bash him, well then that is their problem. I never could understand why people bash drivers. But then I remembered that those people are probably not of legal age and bashing is the only thing they know how to do. But I would love to deal with them one on one. OK, I'm rambling. Sorry. Love your blog BTW.


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