Friday, April 18, 2008

And as we used to say back in Old Mexico City

AMF. For those of you who live in the DC area, your probably know what I'm talking about. The Greaseman Show is still on, and let's all drink one more martini to that guy. Funniest guy on the radio, EVER! I used to hear him in Atlanta years ago, and I still wish I still could. For those of you not in the DC area, or for that matter, back in Old Mexico, AMF means Adios.... My Friend. Or something like that. Use your imagination, this is a family oriented blog here!

Mexico is basically a marathon for the Nationwide Series teams, as they travel tremendous miles to drive even more miles at a race track that is higher than Denver, Colorado. I like watching the races at Mexico City though, because that's one of the more competitive road courses on the circuit. There is always a great turn out for the race, and that's all good for Nascar. More than a couple Cup drivers will be making the trip down to Mexico City to compete on the Corona Mexico 200. Clint Bowyer will be there. So will Carl Edwards, and Kyle Busch. Stan Barrett will drive Stanton's car for him. Interesting stuff.

I have no idea how many Mexican TV viewers watch Nascar on a regular basis. There appears to be a fan base there, and I know that Nascar will try to use it. If any of you Canadian residents would like to see a full blown Nascar race, I wouldn't mind seeing that, though we already do see one in Montreal. Want to see a circle track? Canada has some good tracks, and quite a few of them would be perfect for a Cup Series race, and I think Canadians should unite and demand a race in Canada. The drivers will come, but will Nascar?

Nascar in Mexico City is great, but I'd love to see more Nascar in Canada, or even the U.K. because I feel like there is a fan base there. Let's go to where the fans are, instead of where the population centers are. Mexico City was a major coup for Nascar, but let's see what we can do in Alberta, or Quebec.


  1. Don't worry, Jimmy, in another year or two you will have the Mexico City race right here in Mexi-fornia, yes, right here in the good ol' U S of A !!! Happy Racin'!!!

  2. I hear you. Right now I'm listening to the mournful tones of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tuesday's gone. It's all happy when we're racing!


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