Saturday, March 8, 2008

Time to back away.

I've been a member on a certain message board for a long time, and today, I let my feelings run away. I said something bad about another driver. I'm sorry, other driver. You big baby. Oops, there I go again.

We live and die by the word, and I posted some stuff that really made 1 person mad. So I'm removing myself from the board for a while. It's never my intent to irritate people. I do it, somehow instinctively, but I never do so purposely.

I write almost on instinct. I think a thought, and my fingers move whether they are on a keyboard or not. I'm not pleasant company on a date because of that sometimes.

Anyone who watched the Nationwide race today probably knows whom the driver is of whom I'm speaking. The big baby. OOps, sorry.

Racing happens. So does my big mouth. Sorry folks. I'm going to be quiet for a while, except on this forum. You are always free to stuff your sock in my mouth here as well.

Racing, and Nascar? I'm here to stay. You can poke me, and you can prod me, but I will talk. It's what my big yap knows how to do best.

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