Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stick to the facts, Jack!

I'm fully aware that this is old news by now, but some of Jack Roush' statements regarding the penalty issued by Nascar after Carl Edwards' win at Las Vegas are just..., well, strange.

He's saying that he will submit his crew people to lie detector tests, if necessary. He's claiming there was no intent to do anything wrong. My question is this: Why do you only secure an oil tank cover with one bolt, if you can lose 100 points for having the cover come off?

Jack Roush used to be engineer at Ford. One bolt? That's secure? Give me a break. If you can save weight, why not run one lug nut per wheel to hold the wheels on? Paint some fake lug nuts on the wheels to fool the Nascar officials.

Instead of heavy welds, why not tape the fenders on the car? Why not glue the engine mounts? Why not make the driver's helmet out of cardboard?

Jack, you, or Bob Osborne got caught cheating. Just take your medicine and shut up, why don't you? Other drivers and crew chiefs get fined all the time. Now you're wiring your tank lids on? Why not just use a few more bolts? Even to a nontechnical person, you sound like the spoiled brat kid caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Take your punishment, and move on.

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