Friday, March 7, 2008

In drought stricken Georgia, Rain is a mixed blessing today

Lord only knows Georgia needs the rain, and it looks like they're getting plenty of it this morning, but it's not exactly what racing fans want to see.

Georgia's lakes have been drying up, and rain is a blessed sight to see, but it's too bad the rain couldn't have waited until next week. It appears that the Trucks and Nationwide practice will be effected today, but there appears to be a good chance that the Cup qualifying and the Trucks race will likely run as scheduled tonight. As of 5:45 AM, Eastern Time, a wide band of rain stretched over much of the Peach State, from central Alabama well into North and South Carolina.

As needed as is the rain, the several Go-or-go-home teams are sweating it out in the early morning showers in Hampton, Ga.

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