Saturday, March 8, 2008

Here's to you, you big Baby.

Nascar drivers used to be all grown up. I guess Kyle Busch isn't very grown up. He gave some very snotty answers to an ESPN pit reporter today.

Kyle, grow up, It's only a Nationwide race. Tomorrow, when you butt gets stomped in a Cup race, I suppose you'll have a whole new list of people to blame.

Kyle's attitude is very similar to what Tony Stewart has been criticized for for years. I'm thinking putting these two together has not produced stellar results. Tony is not known for enthusiastically seeking out a microphone after a crash out. In Tony's defense, I can say that Tony needs a cooling off period after a crash. Like maybe 20 minutes. Kyle needs to have a cooling off period after a crash too, it would seem. Either a couple of months or a burping.

Kyle, you big baby, you're in the big leagues now. You drive better than just about anyone out there, but you act like such a baby when you blow a tire. If you can ever learn to control that baby temper of yours, you will win a ton of races and championships. You have so much talent that it's shameful to blow off interviews like you did today. You are a baby, and you need to grow up.

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