Saturday, February 23, 2008

How good is Kyle Busch?

If you're DW, or the now racing commentator named Darrel Waltrip, he's the best. Kyle won the Trucks race at California today, and probably could have won it if it had been a 600 mile race. Darrell said before the race that Kyle could have been a great driver for Junior Johnson if he had been born about 40 years before he was. The admiration that DW paid to Kyle was apparently breath taking. At least it was for DW.

Kyle Busch loves driving Trucks. He even has his team paint the name "Rowdy Busch" above the door. He's very young at 22 years old, and he has won in all 3 Nascar series. Kyle likes driving a loose race car, meaning he likes it when the rear wheels break away and makes the car slide.

Is Kyle Busch a good driver? Absolutely. Without question, Kyle is one of the best there is. Maybe if he were mature enough to appreciate his talent, he would actually be a good driver. Right now, he's annoying everyone he races with, and that may not be a bad thing. He's getting noticed. That's not a bad thing.

Does Kyle make stupid mistakes? Yes. Can Kyle drive a race car? Yes. What will Kyle's legacy be? He'll win a lot of races, and some championships, but there will be a lot of drivers that will never like him.

In other words, He will achieve a lot of success, but will not be respected among his peers.

Unless he grows up.

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