Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another diversion

With the lack of hard new Nascar news during the first week of Daytona testing, I'm going to take yet another diversion. I know, I know, Jimmie Johnson was fastest in individual speed, drafting practice was mixed... Ok... Same old same old.

What I'd like to talk to you about is the paranormal. Things that go bump in the night. Stuff that might potentially scare you.

I've had two potentially paranormal experiences in my life, both as an adult, and both as mostly a skeptic. One was back in my 20's, and the other was just a few weeks ago. I turned 44 years of age in August, 2007, and this happened in December of 2007.

I'm not going to tell ghost stories here. I'm really not willing to talk about the details of what I think I saw and heard. If you want to know the truth, both experiences that I've had I've not been able to debunk, no matter how hard I've tried.

I'm a reasonably educated person. I have 2 associate degrees, one in industrial electronics and the other in computer programming. I've worked in the information technology field most of my adult life. In otherwords, I'm not a backwoods toothless idiot with no knowledge about anything. I've also had a penchant for writing since I was a teenager. I've written a few fictional stories, but I didn't think they were nearly as good as the fiction available at Barnes and Noble.

I believe in the paranormal. Not necessarily in ghosts, per se, but in the paranormal. I think there are things out there that we can't explain. In my heart, I know there are. Just because they can't be explained, I don't know that they are anything other than undiscovered beings in our world. Undiscovered is probably not the correct word... Maybe undocumented or unproven... I don't know.

I've had two experiences in my life that I can't explain. I've not been abducted by space aliens, nor have I seen apparitions wearing white sheets, but I've still had things happen, if not to me, at least in front of me, that I will probably never be able to explain.

Have you ever had anything similar to what I've described happen to you? If so, let me know. If you give me permission, I'll post your experiences. Only with your permission though.

Click Here to post any experiences or stories you might have.

Thanks for bearing with me! Daytona is on the way!

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