Monday, December 31, 2007

Some End of Year Thoughts

2007 was one of the strangest years ever in Nascar. Dale Earnhardt Jr. leaves Dale Earnhardt Inc. and announces that he will drive for Rick Hendrick in 2008. To make room for Dale Jr., Kyle Busch is let go from the 5 Hendrick team and will drive the 18 Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing next year. Oh, yeah, and Gibbs to Toyota? Wow!

Dale Jr. will win races and be in the Chase. Gibbs will help Toyota, and will give them a better chance of winning races in Nascar's most elite series.

Oh, and uh, what about some of the other things? Don't let me forget. I think Kevin Harvick will have possibly his strongest year in 2008. I think we will see the return of Petty Enterprises in victory lane. I think that the open wheel drivers that have recently come to Nascar will hit a wall, so to speak. I think one or two of them might win a race, but will not win a championship, as has been predicted by those "racing" fans that consider stock cars to be "taxi cabs".

Who will win a championship? How about a Hendrick driver? I say there are 3 available that could win it. Or maybe an RCR driver. Or possibly one Ford driver. Toyota? I doubt it. Dodge? Nope.

Stay tuned for more predictions.

A few more thoughts: Is it just me or does just the steering wheel on an IRL car contain more technology than your average Cup car? IRL, as well as F1 drivers basically need nothing but the steering wheel to drive the car. Change gears? sure, a nice thumb operated button. RPM and oil pressure? Sure, right there on the steering wheel.

Back in the old days, drivers used to drive cars, not just play video games. Video games, that's what most open wheel racing has become.

And mostly why it's being ignored and forgotten.

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