Monday, November 12, 2007

More heartache for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Finishing 43rd in yesterday's race was not Dale Jr.'s idea of fun. The DEI driver drove his heart out, yet again, and finished 43rd in the race at Phoenix, Arizona. First he apparently over drove the car, and crashed. Then the engine went south, probably because of the crash. This just hurts, folks. Let's put a bullet in the head of this thing and move on to another horse.

We still have one more race at Miami/Homestead. Dale Jr. could defy the odds and win it. It's his last chance, and I know he's going to go for it. I just pray that he saves himself for a fresh start next year. We don't need to see a win this year Dale. We just want you safe and sound for your start in the 88 next year.

Don't push it, even though I know you will. Let's just get out of this car next week with no feelings of shame, and move on.

You've given it the old college try, old boy. Let's just move on from here.

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