Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's all good, folks. In February, it will all be better!

Watching the last Cup race will be a bit tough for me this week. After the Homestead race, I'll be forced to watch more NFL and NCAA football, and probably even some NCAA basketball for a few months. As a long time fan of ACC basketball, I suppose I'll survive.

I'm going to miss the racing season though, but as Jayski has taught all of us, just because there's not racing on the weekends doesn't mean that big things aren't happening. I'm guessing one of the biggest subjects that will be talked about this off season will be how Nascar will tweak the rules, regarding the Car of Tomorrow, which after Sunday's race might as well just be referred to as The Car. It's going to be in 38 races next year, unless Nascar makes a big change.

In a way, I'm all for the new car. It makes everyone a little more equal, at least on paper. No one tested the new car as much as Rick Hendrick Racing did, and the profit of that has been very obvious this year. I remember certain teams dominating the sport before, usually with one driver, but this year the 24/48 knockout punch of Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon has basically devastated the rest of the field. I have a feeling that Nascar will try once again to achieve parity, though I can't imagine how they'll attempt it this time.

In a lot of ways, I'll be glad to see the season end at Homestead on Sunday, but in a lot of ways, I'll be sad, and be counting the days until Speedweeks at Daytona in February.


  1. I'm happy this season will end, now bring on Speedweeks and DW!

  2. I never thought I would say it, but I'm ready to hear DW again!


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