Friday, October 5, 2007

Would you like this man saying bad stuff about your Sister?

Note: This was originally posted on April 16, 2007.

Well, that's exactly what happened Sunday on Speed TV's pre-race show. Not my sister, but Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s sister, Kelly Earnhardt Elledge.

Jimmy Spencer pontificates: "Theresa Earnhardt gave Dale Junior his opportunity to race." Uh, Jimmy, I think that Dale probably had more to do with that than Teresa.

At that point, Spencer started his attack on Elledge. "I am shocked that she kept her middle name. Why keep Earnhardt? I think her ego is so big and she is backing Theresa and Max (Siegel) into corners. She's not a good negotiator. If she was working for someone else they would probably fire her." Jimmy, if Earnhardt was my name, I'd let people know it too. Did your wife completely drop her maiden name as well? I doubt it. She may not introduce herself that way, but I bet if she signed a legal document, she'd use it. Most women do.

Jimmy wasn't done yet. "I think she is using ego to control this direction, and Dale needs to be careful about it." Jimmy, Kelly has taken care of Dale Jr. most of his life. She's always been there for him, and she probably has more of her father's personality in her than Dale does. Oh, and Jimmy? She's probably still a better race car driver than you ever were.

Jimmy Spencer then delivered one more zinger: "There are a lot of true Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans who will lose respect for Dale Junior (if he leaves DEI)." Spencer stated "I don't think Dale Junior needs to leave the organization. I don't like what Kelly (Elledge) is she is putting them (Theresa and Siegel) in corners." Spencer then stated: "Dale and Theresa and Max need to sit down and get this worked out. If the old man was still living, he would kick Earnhardt (Junior's) butt. I would hate to see that organization fall apart."

Jimmy Spencer later apologized for getting too "personal" in his remarks, but damage has been done here. Dale Jr. is probably much more a gentleman than I am, but if Jimmy had made those remarks about my sister, I'd probably be kicking down Jimmy's front door right now, in order to apply a foot to his backside.

Let Dale Jr, Teresa, Max, and Kelly work this out on their own. Jimmy, apply brakes to your mouth for a change. Kyle Busch, apply brakes period.

My thanks to John Daly at for Jimmy Spencer's exact words.

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