Friday, October 5, 2007

What would Dale Do?

Note: This was originally posted May 18, 2007.

My friends, I know you have read about as much about Dale Jr. as you can possibly digest this week. I know I have, and I'm not even totally up to speed, because I missed a day.

I read Dale Jr.'s blog at his Infield Parking site. I'm sorry I can't post the link, but I've been unable to get into the site all day. I don't know if they're just doing updates or if it's just swamped.

I will paraphrase for you. Dale Jr. basically says that he just wants to win races and championships. He wants to make his fans happy. What an ego, huh?

I've read all over the place that Jr. has a lot of nerve asking for 51% of DEI, when it was left totally to Teresa. The nerve of him! I've read about how he has way to much ego to drive for a team like RCR, JGR, or even RHR. Too much ego. Huh.

Dale Jr. also owns airplanes and a helicopter, or his company does. Yes, Virginia, this egomaniac is also a successful businessman, as the owner of JR Motorsports. He owns a few late model teams as well as a full time Busch Series team, the 88 Chevrolet driven by Shane Huffman.

Yes, folks, this guy had the nerve to invite his mom, the former Brenda Gee, his grandmother, Martha Earnhardt, and his aunt, his father's sister, the former Kay Earnhardt to his press conference. Believe it or not, they were all there, supporting their egomaniac relative.

Folks, I've watched Nascar for a long time. I've seen a few egomaniacs. Some of them broadcast the sport today. As long as I've been watching Nascar, and that's more than 30 years, I've never seen a more down to earth person than Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is honest to a fault, and I think he's basically incapable of lying to his fans. I listen to him on the radio during the races every week. When another driver hits him, he takes the blame for it, even when it's clearly not his fault.

The Dale Jr. I know let us into his home in a DVD, which he admittedly made money on, but still opened up his home to us all. We got to meet his cat Buddy, see his party room, his bedroom, even his laundry room. Dale Jr. lives in a modular home. Most of his contemporaries live in multi million dollar mansions. Dale Jr. owns a lot of land, without a doubt, but he's built places to have fun, such as his go-cart track and his fantasy western town, Whiskey River. What 30 year old guy with millions in his pocket wouldn't indulge in such things?

I don't think you will ever see a more gracious or more honest driver than Dale Earnhardt Jr. I've been a fan of this man since he started driving for DEI. I'll be a fan of his long after he leaves.

I've personally never seen a Nascar driver that was so devoid of ego. Dale Jr. is a humble guy. Fame and money haven't changed him one bit. He's a fun loving guy, but would never hurt anyone to save even his own life.

Dale Jr.'s famous father was known for always going for the win, throughout his career. Dale always chose racing. I think it's Dale Jr.'s turn this time. Go for it Dale Jr.

We're behind you.

We always will be.

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