Friday, October 5, 2007

We have a repeat winner at TEXAS!

Note: This was originally posted on April 15, 2007.

It's not this guy, but here is the man of the hour. Folks, racing is a hard business, but that shot in the behind that Dale Jr. got today was completely uncalled for. Kyle Busch had more time to slow down for Tony Stewart's spin than Dale did. Kyle's hit on Dale Jr. was at over 50 mph faster than Dale Jr. was going. I just don't understand Kyle's thinking on this. He's in 3rd position, but he drives blindly through smoke with his foot on the hammer? I just don't get it.

Is this boy stupid or what? He took out not only his own car but eventually Dale Jr.'s car, which could have won the race, and at worst, might have been a top 5 car. Kyle Busch, please get some help. You were an absolute fool to drive into that smoke with your foot on the gas pedal. Did you not see the big RED car in front of you slowing down? Do you need glasses or contacts? Seriously, dude, that was about as dumb a move as I've seen in years.

Kyle Busch didn't get his car going, in 15 minutes apparently. Kyle left the track, and went home. The crew kept working on it, and got it running late in the race. Who climbed in the car and drove it's final laps? None other than Dale Jr., who blew his motor by having it spin backwards during Kyle's idiocy.

Folks, take this down, and learn it and memorize it. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a pure racer. When his own car blew up, he went and found a ride for a few laps in the car that put him in the garage. Folks, that's class. Pure class, and it's also Old School. Jr. hopped in the damaged 5 car and finished the race, while Kyle was somewhere over Arkansas.

Dale Jr., you proved to me that you're a stand up guy, and you deserve all the accolades for that. Kyle Busch? You proved to me that you're a punk. I hope you grow up soon.

Congratulations to Jeff Burton, that was an awesome win.

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