Thursday, October 11, 2007

Street Customs on TLC

I know this is totally un-Nascar related, but I have to gripe a bit. I'm watching a show called Street Customs, based out of LA, I suppose. He's building a custom Shelby Mustang prototype for Carroll Shelby, and delays, as they always do, happen. His crew was about 8 hours late completing the paint job, and the vendors that do the supercharger waited around until about 12:00 AM. for the paint to get done. They bailed. They had been standing around with their thumbs up their butts for about 12 hours. I don't blame them for going back to the hotel.

As a vendor, I would have done exactly the same thing, because though I believe in getting the job done, but I also firmly believe the old adage "A mistake on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part".

The owner of this place is a total jerk, and I'm just glad that I don't work for him. I love this about reality shows, such as American Hotrod, etc. Boyd Coddington has to be one of the worst jerks to work for, yet he has a TV show. This dude on Street Customs is a horrible boss. He doesn't even have the guts to fire employees himself, he's got muscle to do it. What a jerk.

Totally my opinion, but I've worked for idiots like this, and no matter what you do, it's never good enough.

Back to Nascar commentary soon.

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