Monday, October 29, 2007

Moving On.

Dale Jr. at Atlanta testing with Tony Jr. and Mr. H.!

Thanks for bearing with me on Sunday. I had a rough day, but I did watch the race. I have to ask the question that a lot of people are asking: What does Dale Jr. need to do to catch a break? Watching that wreck was painful, folks, and I've seen at least one photo where that wreck looked sickeningly like the wreck that took Big E's life back in 2001. The wheel fell off? THE WHEEL FELL OFF? Those of you who enjoy comedian Ron White's humor will understand what I'm saying here. Is this just another example of the DEI gremlins at work? We were worried about the engines, and so was Dale Jr. most likely, and he complained more than once about having a loose wheel during the race, and they tried to fix it, but the wheel still fell off? What is going on here?

I'm not a very superstitious person, by nature, but I'm starting to think that DEI just has some sort of curse hanging over it's head this year. If it's not an engine, it's a tire. If it's not a tire, it's a wheel just falling off the car. I mean what gives? I'm thinking that if DEI had given Dale Jr. the engines he needed this year, and the right chassis setups, he would be leading this chase for the Cup, and Jeff and Jimmie would be about 100 points behind! Good grief! Enough is enough! Dale Jr. still has about 3 more opportunities to win a race this year, but I don't want to see him get hurt doing it driving what apparently is inferior equipment. Save something for next year, Dale Jr.!

As has become the theme of the chase for the Cup this year, Jimmie Johnson won the race at Atlanta, and it's just more proof to me that the Hendrick guys are light years ahead of practically everyone else out there. It just builds my confidence that the 88 will have a much improved year over what the 8 has done this year.

Jimmie Johnson just might steal the cup this year from his buddy and mentor and friend Jeff Gordon. He really tightened the gap with his win at Atlanta, and I have to think that Jeff is sweating bullets right now. He really wants championship number 5, but his own protoge is going to make a major run in the next 3 races to spoil that dream of the Drive for Five. I think in the next few races, we're going to see a lot of shoving and pushing, beating and banging between the 24 and the 48. I can't wait! I love to see good hard racing, and Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson are two of the best in the business at getting the job done. The rest of the season should be exciting, even if there are really only two drivers left in play now.

Thanks for the kind thoughts, especially you Pit Boarders. You really helped me through a tough day Sunday.

God Bless!

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