Friday, October 5, 2007

Let's be fair now.

Note: This was originally posted on June 3, 2007.

Michael Waltrip will be in the race at Delaware. I'm glad. I wrote my previous piece before qualifying on Friday. Michael showed that he's got what he needs, at least at this track to get the job done. We all have to remember that this has been a trying season for Michael and all of his crew, including the 44 and 00 teams.

I watched qualifying with trepidation, hoping that Michael finally got in. When he ran the lap that he did, I felt that had to be good enough, and with a few fist pumps into the air, I said "Finally!"

When Michael busted out his lap, and a few minutes later, Dale Jarrett did the same thing, I was happy. I thought for the first time since Daytona, Michael was going to have all 3 teams in the race. David Reutimann kinda killed the dream with his qualifying run though. Oh well, 2 is better than one or none.

Michael will race on Monday as it turns out, since we had a little inconvenient thing called Barry roll through. I wish Michael well on Monday.

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