Friday, October 5, 2007

Does Hendrick dominance of Nascar not scream for policing?

Note: This was originally posted on May 7, 2007.

No pic today. Couldn't stomach it. LOL. I just didn't want to see another Hendrick car prissing around victory lane. Just a few years ago, Nascar would have done something to keep all the brands equal. I guess that isn't happening this year, huh? The year of RHR? The year of Gordon? don't know. Sure seems like it though.

I know that Jeff Gordon is a good driver. I know that his understudy Jimmie Johnson is too. But is this not getting a bit old? Hendrick winning every single race. Good for Rick Hendrick, but back a few years ago, Nascar would have stepped in and made a change. Nascar stands for nothing except parity. Or they used to. Where's the rule changes? Where are the changes to spoilers and engines? Nascar, we're awaiting your word!

It's becoming obvious that Nascar has one favorite brand, and that brand is Hendrick. Chevy doesn't matter, neither does Ford or Dodge or Toyota. Nascar seems to think that all is right in it's world with Hendrick Motorsports dominating the Nascar Nextel Cup. Nascar seems to think that it's time to dethrone Dale Earnhardt Jr. from the most popular driver position, and to place the crown securely on either Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson. It's not even close anymore. A Hendrick team seems to win every week. Nascar fans say ho-hum. I'll watch baseball. At least it's competitive.

Nascar, if you believe in competition, which you surely did a year or so ago, you'll find out why the Hendrick cars seem to be head and shoulders above the rest of the field. So far this year, you just don't seem to care. You're losing viewers and ticket buyers every week in this very one-sided deal that Hendrick seems to have made with you. You chastise Tony Stewart about the mystery cautions, and you made your point, and about made Tony cry. Tony's point is still valid though. It's not the validity of the cautions you throw, it's when you throw them. the 00 car of David Reutimann drove around Talladega almost a full lap, pouring smoke all over the field. You, Nascar, chose to throw the yellow only after the 24 had managed to grab the lead. You let the 00 drive almost an entire lap, oiling up the track, and you don't understand the controversy? What world are you living in? What did you expect?

Nascar, you just do it to yourselves. Week in and week out, you deny your claim to respectability with your obviously partisan actions. Don't blame Tony Stewart for comparing you with the WWE. Blame yourself. You, Nascar, do this to yourselves. TV ratings fall. Attendance falls. You blame Tony Stewart. Good job, Nascar.

Tony was right.

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